The Samsonite B-Lite

By Carmel Stewart

The pressure is on for all of us who use easy, peasy, cheap and squeasy flights to think small and pack tight.

The days when we could take a couple of cases apiece at no extra cost are long gone. Modern travellers have learnt the hard way that even checking-in one bag can net a hefty fine. And given the seemingly endless miles of airport walkways and tarmac we have to cover, lightweight, freewheeling bag are a must.

Compact cases can be found at every airport, luggage shop and internet site but many have wheels which make them heavy and unwieldy before even a flip-flop has been packed.

The new B-Lite from Samsonite weighs in at just 2.4kg when empty. The dimensions are such that not only will it slot neatly into the overhead locker but it is also perfectly possible to pack sufficient for a week or two in just this one bag.

It includes a zippered section at the front – perfect for the holiday paperback, puzzle book and pen – plus net sections inside and a shoe/laundry bag. But what makes this different from the run-of-the-mill rollers are multi-way wheels which mean it doesn’t have to be dragged behind but can be held to the side – useful in a crowd of passengers.

The price of £129 may cause a financial flutter to a Yorkshire heart but it comes with a five-year warranty so on an annual basis that works out at about £26 a year – which is far less painful.

Put your cash, travel documents and passport in a money bag round your waist and pack a flat, cotton bag in your case – it’ll serve as a beach bag and extra shopper while you are away.
Pack heavier items close the wheels, roll your clothes, tuck underwear into the corners and place your clear bag of liquids near the top for easy access.