Plain Sailing

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After the initial clash of cultures, we have settled into our first cruise very well. We chose our cabin with care and it has all the amenities promised. Being an all-inclusive deal has taken much of the hassle out of the whole process. We can eat where and when we like; we can drink where and when we like, and we can take part in lectures and activities on the same bases.

There are things that will cost extra. For example, I see in my personalised Passages newsletter this evening that I can have an ‘Age Defying Pedicure’ for ‘Just $115’. The problem with that is that, while my feet may well acquire a more youthful appearance, the rest of me is ageing with alarming alacrity.

We are going ashore tomorrow so I’ll give my feet a free paddle in the Caribbean. If the deep blue, beautiful waters bring about a transformation, the rest of me may follow them into the ocean.

The only real surprise so far is how rocky the journey has been. I have always been certain that a large vessel will be pretty stable but the weather is such at the moment that everyone is rolling along the corridors.

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