Rocking the boat

July 2017

Naturally enough there are one or two things passengers occasionally grumbled about. One close to the top of the list was changes in the itinerary.

On our cruise, well before we sailed, our first port of call on returning to the US was changed from San Diego to San Francisco. This caused some upset among US passengers and I am sure if there had been any changes en route there would have been even more grumblings.

It should be remembered that port stops are organised two or three years in advance and there is no way a shore visit would be cancelled unless it was unavoidable. Some of the weather on this trip has been rough. If we had had shore days arranged for those days, I would not have wanted to go.

The staff were all very willing to listen to complaints. I can’t say whether or not they actually acted on them but there is no reason to suppose they didn’t. Cruising is a hugely competitive business and keeping the customers satisfied is a key priority.
The General Manager’s door was always open. We went in to see her one day and had a quick chat (see next post).