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Vive la difference
Carmel Stewart

The big difference between the independent traveller and the experienced cruiser is that the former holds on tight to their possessions, their paperwork and their passports, come what may.

Experienced cruisers are altogether gentler, more trusting souls. The boss man says hand over your passport at the beginning of the cruise and they do – not just for a few hours or even a few days but for the full duration of the excursion which, for some, could be as much as four months. And this despite government advice never to let your passport out of your sight.

For me, it has to do with the potential disasters every serial catastrophiser (such as myself) has at the forefront of their minds – the ‘what if’ list of imagined problems. These will include an unforeseen event which will required paying a large bill; arrest for mistaken identity; detention for an unintentional misdemeanour; or for failure to pay that aforementioned large bill; and; on this trip, the need to buy an airline ticket to the next port due to one of the possible catastrophes actually becoming a reality. The point is, every solution includes the production of a passport which is not possible when my passport is locked on board inside the captain’s safe and I am locked inside the local jail.

So, when the cruiser and the independent traveller meet, a compromise is called for. Suggestions on a post card, please.


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