Welcome Back

Hello ladies

As the world gradually returns to what is often described as ‘normal’ we are looking to take up our travels again.

Like all of you, we are older, possibly a little heavier but certainly no wiser.

During the next few month we hope to visit Alaska, Antarctica, possibly some European countries and maybe transverse the Suez Canal.

In the meantime, we are posting a few pics of our pre-pandemic trip – sailing the Atlantic as part of the ARC challenge 2019.

For various reasons, we will not be naming the company involved. They have been made aware of our concerns but, like everyone, have been seriously affected by the lock downs and travel restrictions and are now trying to get back on their feet. We have no intention of making matters worse for them but we will say to all you ladies, select the people with whom you travel with care. Check out the reviews and be cautious. If possible have an escape route. Unfortunately for us a 3,400mile journey sailing the Atlantic had no stop offs but we had each other and we survived.

For the record on our Atlantic adventure, we were divided into two watches – three-hourly from 6pm until 6am, four-hourly from 6am until 6pm. Our watch leaders gave us the occasional watch ‘off’ but for the most part we were all there at every stage – bar those who, from the start, declined to fully participate. If you decide to join the ARC make sure that the watches are divided up to allow a six hour break so that you get the chance of a few hours sleep. And check out what is required of the crew (ie you) – cooking, cleaning etc. And check the policy on smoking/vaping. For us it is a no-no and our trip we discovered vaping was allowed – big yuk.

Be sure to travel light and take quick-dry clothes and a head torch. If you are required to cook select a couple of one-pot dishes from your repertoire. It’ll make life easier. And, as a final note, don’t take any c**p from your male companions some of whom may well be living in the 19th Century as regards equality, diversity and general good manners.