Why Not Dead Yet Travel

Carmel and Kathy at Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Hi there, welcome to our new website NotDeadYetTravel.com. Well first off we had better introduce ourselves our names are Kathy Colgan and Carmel Stewart, we are sisters, we live in different countries I live in Australia and Carmel lives in the UK. Around about every two years we meet up and go traveling together. We like to visit interesting out of the way places and are happy to do things that challenge us physically (within reason – we are not into extreme pain!!). We are in our fifties hence the website name NotDeadYetTravel.com. We think that as you get older you get categorised as being too old for certain things – this is not our philosophy we believe that we should go on traveling and experiencing everything we can until we finally drop dead. We definitely are of the opinion that we should grow old disgracefully. On our last trip we decided we would like to share some of the knowledge we have gathered while traveling together with a particular emphasis on traveling comfortably while still being on a budget. We did the usual bare bones traveling when we were younger and that was great now we have different needs and so plan our trips accordingly. In the last few years we have traveled to India where we traveled across Northern India by train visiting Bodh Gaya and Darjeeling on the way, Peru where we walked the Inca Trail and took a boat down the Amazon, have been on Safari in Tanzania and climbed Kilimanjaro so we have a few stories to tell and information to share. We welcome your comments.

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