East Coast Park Singapore

East Coast Park Jogging and Cycling Tracks

As I mentioned in my blog post last week I was in Singapore. One of the things I like to do when I am traveling is find good places to jog/walk so I can exercise outside rather than in a hotel gym. One of the places I came across in Singapore was the East Coast Park. One of the great features of this park is that there are 2 distinct paths one for jogging/walking and the other for people traveling on anything with wheels such as bicycles or skates. Great idea separating the 2 groups and allows you to jog/walk without getting entangled with cyclists and skaters. It also enables the cyclists and skaters to travel at a reasonable speed without coming across people walking in a line across the path.

View from the beach - ships waiting to come into port

I was staying at the Mercure Roxy Hotel on Marine Parade and it was a short walk to the East Coast Park. The park borders the ocean so there is plenty of beach to sit on and also shade nearby. I happen to like ships and there are plenty of ships to see anchored offshore waiting to come into port.

One tip there are plenty of barbeque areas along the shore line if you look up at the light pole beside each barbeque pit there is a unique number for the pit. You can use these numbers to get your bearings and find your way back to the path you took from the main road into the park. There are a number of different access points into the park and they can look fairly similar.

It was great to find an outdoor area to exercise in you can also hire bikes there if you wish. The bike path in this park is 15km long.


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