Smart Traveller – Getting up to date advice

I was having a chat today with a couple of friends of mine who are about to head off overseas for a few weeks. They are going to Greece and Turkey and I asked if they had registered themselves on the Smart Traveller website, They hadn’t heard of the site and suggested I put something on my blog – so here goes.

The smart traveller website is managed by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and provides a wealth of travel advice and information about countries you may want to travel to. Even though the site has been developed by the Australian Government the information is useful for all travellers. The site lists all the countries alphabetically and then provides a summary of things like safety and security issues, local travel, laws and health issues you may encounter. It encourages Australians to register the details of their trip on the site so in the event of an emergency like an earthquake or some kind of civil unrest they can be contacted and assistance given if required. I think it is a great idea and I regularly consult it to see what information it has about things like potential political upheavals that may be coming or recent weather events that might be causing travel delays. The information is up to date and can help with your travel planning.

The video is an ad for the smartraveller website and explains a bit more about what the site is for.


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