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East Coast Park Singapore

As I mentioned in my blog post last week I was in Singapore. One of […]

Staying in Singapore

I am currently in Singapore coaching at UIBC 13. I have been here a few […]

Ocean Express Trolley Bus Los Angeles

In the last year or so I have been traveling back and forth from Los […]

Lady Elliott Island

  In December I spent 7 days on Lady Elliott Island at the southern most […]

Viennese Whirl

Three-days to ‘do’ any capital city may not seem very long but Carmel Stewart defied […]

Enjoying Life

This is a fantastic video of 2 people just enjoying life. I think it has […]

Video Introduction to Not Dead Yet Travel

Hi there – just a short video introduction to the site.

The Inca Trail – Permits and Guides

I have decided to do a short series of blog posts on the Inca Trail […]